English-Romanian Proverbs Y

  1. It will be all the same a hundred YEARS hence.
    Apa trage la matcǎ şi omul la teapǎ.
    Var. It will be all one a thousand years hence.

  2. YEARS know more than books.
    Ca vremea nici un dascǎl mai bun.

  3. Better be the head of the YEOMANRY than the tail of the gentry.
    Mai bine ţǎran în picioare decât boier în genunchi.

  4. YESTERDAY will not be called again.
    Toate sunt trecǎtoare ca ziua de ieri.

  5. If the YOUNG man would and the old man could, there would be nothing undone.
    Dǎ-mi, Doamne, puterea tânǎrului şi mintea bǎtrânului.

  6. If you lie upon roses when YOUNG, you’ll lie upon thorns when old.
    Cine la tinereţe e leneş suferǎ la bǎtrâneţe.
    Cf. An idle YOUTH, a needy age.

  7. What’s YOURS is mine, and what’s mine is my own.
    Ce-i al tǎu e şi al meu, tu la mine parte n-ai.
    * John 17, 10 / Ioan 17, 10

  8. An idle YOUTH, a needy age.
    La tinereţe cine nu lucreazǎ, la bǎtrâneţe râiazǎ.
    Cine n-aleargǎ la tinereţe nu odihneşte la bǎtrâneţe.
    Var. A young courtier, an old beggar.
    Cf. If you lay upon roses when YOUNG, you’ll lie upon thorns when old.
    * Ecclesiasticus 25, 3 / Sirah 25, 5

  9. Eident* YOUTH makes easy age.
    Cine învaţǎ la tinereţe se odihneşte la bǎtrâneţe.
    Cine munceşte la tinereţe o sǎ aibǎ la bǎtrâneţe.

  10. What YOUTH is used to, age remembers.
    Deprinderea din tinereţe rǎmâne şi la bǎtrâneţe.
    Sim. Whoso learneth young forgets not when he is old.
    Cf. What we first LEARN, we best know.
    * Proverbs 22, 6 / Pilde 22, 6

  11. YOUTH will have its course.
    Tinereţele, vremea nebuniilor.
    Omul la tinereţe ca calul fǎrǎ frâu.