International Bibliography of New and Reprinted Proverb Collections, 1999

As we are getting ever closer to the year 2000, paremiographers continue to be busy in putting together various types of proverb collections. As can be seen from this year’s bibliography of 138 items, there is still a considerable interest in publishing popular proverb collections for the general market. People everywhere seem to appreciate small and usually illustrated collections as enjoyable and readable treasure troves of traditional wisdom. In fact, it is difficult to keep up with such publications since they are often produced by smaller companies without national or international distribution. While these books of about hundred pages or less have a considerable popular appeal, they usually ignore the extant scholarship on proverbs. But that does not mean that proverb scholars should not pay any attention to these collections. They are doing as much as the voluminous scholarly collections to spread folk wisdom among general readers, tourists, etc., and they do so at relatively low prices and in attractive layouts. We must not forget that these smaller books are produced and disseminated in much greater numbers than major paremiographical works.

Much is also happening on the serious paremiographical scene. I can’t mention all the exciting publications here, but I do want to draw attention to the fact Samuel Singer’s truly invaluable Thesaurus proverbiorum medii aevi. Lexikon der Sprichwörter des romanisch-germanischen Mittelalters (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, edited by Ricarda Liver et al., has now reached volume six out of nine volumes planned. Emanuel Strauss has shortened his gargantuan Dictionary of European Proverbs, 3 vols. (London: Routledge, 1994) into a welcome one-volume Concise Dictionary of European Proverbs (London: Routledge, 1998). The collections by Ahmad Abrishami, Georgi L. Kapchits, Yoshikatsu Kitamura and Katsuaki Takeda, Jonathan Lighter, Peter Mertvago, Kofi Asare Opoku, Jürgen Petermann et al., Zuzana Profantová, Nigel Rees, John Marks Templeton, Gregory Y. Titelman, and others are all very valuable resources. But there are many other exciting proverb collections from around the world listed in this bibliography, notably also from Africa and Eastern Europe.

As usual, I would like to thank all of those colleagues and friends who have provided me with bibliographical information during this past year, notably Gyula Paczolay (Veszprém), Helmut Walther (Wiesbaden), and Fionnuala Williams (Belfast). Please keep sending me the information concerning new collections, and if possible, the actual publication itself (I will be glad to pay for them). Also keep in mind that we can mail out about 300 flyers advertising any new proverb collection when we distribute the annual Proverbium. This is a free service to all proverb scholars. In any case, many thanks for all your help in making this annual bibliography once again as complete as possible.
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The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio – Issue 9:1999 & Issue 10:1999, an electronic book, available from and other leading Internet booksellers.

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