International Bibliography of New and Reprinted Proverb Collections, 2001

Another year has added 95 new and reprinted proverb collections from around the world to my international proverb archive here in Burlington, Vermont (USA). Scholars from various countries have come to use these materials, and I am glad to know that my library benefits so many students and scholars.

As always, the collections are of different scope and value. There continues to be a flood of small and popular proverb collections intended for the general market. But while such collections might not be of much importance to paremiographers, it must be kept in mind that they introduce proverbs to large numbers of readers who would otherwise not come across these treasures from other cultures and languages. It actually behooves serious scholars to participate in the publication of such popular collections, thereby assuring that they are based on serious scholarship.

But there are, of course, also those serious and voluminous collections which represent the most advanced paremiographical accomplishments. For example, the first of five volumes of a superbly executed Lithuanian proverb collection has appeared with Kazys Grigas acting as its editor-in-chief: Lietuviu patarles ir prie_od_iai. 5 vols. (Vilnius: Lietuviu literaturos ir tautosakos institutas, 2000). Of great value are also H.L. Cox, Spreekwoordenboek: Nederlands, Fries, Afrikaans, Engels, Duits, Frans, Spaans, Latijn (Utrecht: Van Dale Lexicografie, 2000), and Julia Sevilla Muñoz, and Jesús Cantera Ortiz de Urbina, 1001 refranes españoles con su correspondencia en ocho lenguas (alemana, árabe, francesa, inglesa, italiana, polaca, provenzal, y rusa) (Madrid: EUNSA, 2000). But there are many others as a glance at this bibliography will show.

Let me thank Hugo Bizzarri (Buenos Aires), Kazys Grigas (Vilnius), Joseph Healey (Dar es Salaam), Gyula Paczolay (Veszprém), Stanislaw Predota (Wroclaw), Maria Helena Sampaio Sereno (Lisbon), Julia Sevilla Muñoz (Madrid), Dumitru Stanciu (Bucuresti), Fionnuala Williams (Belfast), and Francisco Zuluaga (Medellín, Colombia) for their special help in making this extended bibliography possible. Also, please keep in mind to inform me of your newest publications. If you send me 300 flyers of your new book, I will most certainly include them free of charge in the next mailing of Proverbium to help you advertise your work and to let other paremiographers know about your significant accomplishment.

1. Abu-Sharar, Hesham. Refranes y dichos populares comparados: español-inglés-ruso-árabe. Bellaterra: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1998. 153 pp.

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