International Proverb Scholarship: An Updated Bibliography, 1993

ISSN 1323-4633
Volume 1 – Number 1 – 1995


This is the tenth annual bibliography which I have prepared for Proverbium, and I would like to thank all of those colleagues and friends from around the world who have helped me with this year’s bibliography, especially Charles C. Doyle (Athens/Georgia), Peter Grzybek (Graz), Malcolm Jones (Derbyshire), Christine Palm (Uppsala), Gyula Paczolay (Veszprém), and Helmut Walther (Wiesbaden). This list contains 134 entries and is once again solid proof for the energetic and dedicated work by scholars interested in paremiology in particular and phraseology in general.

It also gives me great pleasure to announce that I have finished yet another volume (the third!) of my annotated paremiological bibliography with the title International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography. Supplement II (1982-1991). It contains 1565 new entries (nos. 3035-4599) and summarizes the scholarship of the last ten years by many proverb scholars. It does, of course, contain annotations of all publications that have been listed in my annual bibliographies in vols. 1-8 (1984-1991) of Proverbium. As you know, these yearly lists do not offer annotations due to space restrictions. The new book should be in print by the time this tenth volume of Proverbium will appear in October of 1993.

The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio – Issue 1:1995, an electronic book, available from and other leading Internet booksellers.

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The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio – Issue 1:1995, an electronic book, available from and other leading Internet booksellers.

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