International Proverb Scholarship: An Updated Bibliography, 1995

ISSN 1323-4633
Volume 1 – Number 1 – 1995


The steady publication of proverb collections continues to be quite impressive. As has been the case in my previous annual bibliographies, this one once again includes 100 major paremiographical works as well as minor popular proverb collections. A number of valuable regional, national, and international collections based on historical principles have been published. They will certainly be of significant use to serious paremiographers dealing with the proverbs of a particular language or group of people. In the long run such scholarly collections will also play their role in furthering the international and comparative study of proverbs. While popular collections might not be of much use to the serious scholar, it must be kept in mind that they indicate that publishers and general readers alike appear to be interested in folk wisdom. The fact that such books are produced at all and that they are in fact sold in relatively large numbers is a clear sign that proverbs are enjoying a considerable popularity for the casual reader and the person interersted in traditional wisdom.

As in previous years, I once again benefitted from the help of various colleagues and friends, notably Arvo Krikmann (Tartu), Gyula Paczolay (Veszprém), Stanislaw Predota (Wroclaw), Lutz Röhrich (Freiburg), Katsuaki Takeda (Sapporo), Helmut Walther (Wiesbaden), Fionnuala Williams (Belfast), and Metin Yurtbasi (Ankara). I thank them and others for their continued help and remind everybody to please send me their new proverb collections or to inform me of the necessary bibliographical information. This assistance is essential to make these annual lists as comprehensible and informative as possible.

The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio – Issue 1:1995, an electronic book, available from and other leading Internet booksellers.

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The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio – Issue 1:1995, an electronic book, available from and other leading Internet booksellers.

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The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio – Issue 1:1995, an electronic book, available from and other leading Internet booksellers.

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