Proverb Games

Proverb Games

Proverb games, like crossword puzzles, exercise an important ability stored within the brain, that of fluency. Fluency is about being able to find the right words at the right times. It is defined as ‘the ability to speak or write a particular foreign language easily and accurately’ and ‘the ability to express oneself easily and articulately’. It’s a process that is worked from the speech and language portion of the brain. It is important to always test these parts of the brain to keep your native language sharp, but it is also a great way of learning and retaining the knowledge of new languages.

The best way to keep your mind sharp is to push it further every day. When doing crosswords, you should never settle on doing a puzzle you find easy. Instead challenge yourself to try a harder puzzle, or try and complete the puzzle in a set amount of time. This will then not only test your fluency, but also memory and general knowledge.

Our proverb games challenge you by getting you to think, read and verbalize in multiple languages.

Multilingual proverb games

These fun proverb games will get your mind racing trying to solve the clues. Test your mind to see how many proverbs you have picked up while studying a language.

The proverb games are created around specific themes, such as LOVE, TIME, FRIENDSHIP and proverbs about HANDS.

Once the crossword page is open, click on any white square inside the puzzle. It will tell you what language the proverb is in and what it is about so you can guess correctly. It will also give you a clue specific to the proverb. Type in the box below the clue and make sure to include spaces between words, but NO diacritics. Click OK to submit your answer or click SOLVE if you give up and just can’t figure it out. At the bottom of the puzzle you’ll see a CHECK PUZZLE button which will let you know if you have made any error!






Bilingual proverb games

The proverb games bellow are challenging you to translate the proverbs from English to Italian or from Italian to English. Click on the white square on the puzzle to see the proverb in the starting language and type in the box below the clue. Click OK to submit your answer or click SOLVE if you give up. The CHECK PUZZLE button which will indicate if you have made any errors.

English Italian proverbs about TIME

Italian English proverbs about TEMPO