Proverb Studies Journal

De Proverbio, the electronic proverb studies journal, has published two issues a year from 1995 until 2001, when  the editor, Dr Teodor Flonta, ceased to be a staff member of the University of Tasmania. These 13 issues of the proverb studies journal cover a range of topics regarding aspects concerning the study of proverbs, their origins, collection and content.

Proverb Studies Journal
Proverb – Meaning, Definition, Explanation

It includes an in-depth look at the work of Wolfgang Mieder, the top scholar on proverbs today. Prof. Mieder publishes his international proverb bibliographies every year. Equally important is the work of other masters of the field of proverbs, among them Archer Taylor, the father of modern paremiology, and Maati Kuusi, the Finnish eminent scholar. Furthermore there are also fascinating writings in current research including Shirley Arora’s look at hispanic proverbs, Yisa Kehinde Yusuf’s Yoruba Proverbs and Julia Sevilla Munoz’s article about Problemática de la traducción paremiológica en frances y en español.

They, and many others, are invaluable articles for any student of or persons curious about this field of human knowledge. Read on the topic of proverbs and languages as an interest and you just might be rewarded by the variety within the papers.

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